Set List – 2.2.14


Sermon Series: Jonah
Worship Leaders: Steven, Shawn, Lynette

The Glory Is Yours – (Elevation Worship)
One Thing Remains – (Bethel Church)
Runaway – (Bonnie Raitt)


Set List – 10.13.13


Lead Worshipers: Lynette, Steven, Nichole
Sermon Series: Zero To Hero

Freedom (Eddie James)
Forever Reign (Hillsong)
Hallelujah (Hillsong United)
Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) (Lily Cruz)

Set List – 7.21.13


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StevenPRC SwiftIC

Worship Leader: Swift (Worship Pastor from Pine Ridge)
Sermon Series: Romance, Love, Sex: The Remix

Rez Power (Israel)
Deep Cries Out (Bethel)
Let’s Stay Together (Al Green)
Blessed Be Your Name (Matt


Worship Leaders: Nichole, Steven
Sermon Series: Galatians

Happy Day (Jesus Culture)
Deep Cries Out (Bethel)
Revelation Song (Jesus Culture)

Yesterday, my good friend Swift & I swapped places – He led worship at Integrity and I led at Pine Ridge (his church).  Swift has been the worship pastor at Pine Ridge for 3 years.  We have known each other since last year and have had some collaborations in working together with our worship teams.  But this was something fresh and different that we wanted to try for a long time.  It finally happened yesterday!  And what a great experience we all had!  Our teams learned a lot, we learned a lot, and how awesome it is that 2 church bodies would give this endeavor full support.  One of the reasons that we did this is to demonstrate to our congregations that we really are all about unity, that we’re not just talking about it.  It’s something we would recommend to other Worship Pastors who want to “shake things up”, gain some new creativity, and learn different things you can incorporate in your own ministry at home.  There are unlimited resources within God’s kingdom!


Set List – 6.30.13



Worship Leaders:  Nichole, Lynette, Charlene, Steven
Sermon Series: Romance, Love, & Sex: The Remix

Holy Spirit (Bryan & Katie Torwalt)
In Jesus’ Name (Darlene Zschech)
Freedom (Eddie James)

Patriotic Music:
Medley: My Country ‘Tis of Thee / God Bless America / America, The Beautiful (Integrity Church arrangement)
The Star Spangled Banner
(arrangement by The Martins)

Set List – 6.16.13



Worship Leaders: Steven, Drew
Sermon Series: Romance, Love, & Sex: The Remix

Simple Man (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
We Are The Free (Matt Redman)
You Are Good (Lincoln Brewster)
10,000 Reasons (Matt Redman)

FatherTeamSomething fun that we do on Father’s Day is have a “Men Only Team” lead worship.  It’s a great way to connect men together through worship and empower them to lead in worship.  Someone presented to us an idea for next year:  have the Men sing on Mother’s Day (giving ladies a day off) and have the Women sing on Father’s Day.  What do you think??